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Five good reasons to write

How many good reasons, professional helpers can find to write in educational, social, and organizational fields?
Let’s start with five, afterwards, we will see…

  • Think/elaborate ideas. First, writing is a productive way to thinks about the complexity we have to face in our work. Through the process of composing, we force ourselves to articulate and elaborate events, thoughts, ideas, trying to construct a personal map of conceptual constructs.
  • Prearrange repertoires. Second, spending time to prepare posts or contributions helps to get ready to intervene in different situations of consultancy. From texts, it is easier to take basic blocks to compose documents or slides.
  • Share learnings. Third, keeping informed our professional communities of practice turns out to be productive. As long as we document our paths of research, we foster available content.
  • Make issues visible. Fourth, publishing refined content has a double effect: immerse new reflections in the public discussion and legitimize issues to be considered relevant.
  • Feel confident. Fifth, writing has a favorable reverse effect (to me at least): indeed if you bring to the professional debates valuable contents you can recognize in which areas you have some levels of expertise.

Five reasons which inspire us to be more effective and to carry on our research for practical tools and responsive professional skills.

By Graziano Maino

I work as an advisor for organizations interested to develop cross-sector collaboration and as an auditor of legal compliance systems.
I am a member of Pares – consultancy and research professional co-operative.

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