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Tact/ics to fluidify online meetings

By taking part in the MetaCAugs Tuesday meetings, I observed that some sensitive approaches (let’s say supports) help to create an open and relaxed collaborative atmosphere. In a videoconference a few (apparently) simple touches can promote professional communication:
– offer an opening welcome time that facilitates to check-in in the virtual relationship;
– start the session by asking to indicate a signal (event, experience, happening,) worthy to note and share;
– allow each person to speak without pressure, expressing the willingness to listen to different voices of participants;
– offer an agenda not too stifling;
– open a couple of alternative spaces (e.g. breakout rooms in Zoom) to where to move to take a break or where to discuss different topics chosen directly by the people who decide to go to those spaces.
To promote a community of practice and learning, it seems to be effective to offer one main proposal and allow spaces less demanding.

On an issue, I’d like to collect observations: which is an effective way to close a professional dialoguing virtual session?

By Graziano Maino

I work as an advisor for organizations interested to develop cross-sector collaboration and as an auditor of legal compliance systems.
I am a member of Pares – consultancy and research professional co-operative.

2 replies on “Tact/ics to fluidify online meetings”

How to close a virtual session? I think it depends on the nature of the session. Is it a practical meeting? In that case confirming who will do what for next time seems a good way to avoid confusion. Is it a presentation? In that case it might be interesting to ask participants to give their take on the issue, allotting one minute to every speaker.

Somebody suggests to leave the last word to the participants, for instance asking them what could be analyze in a next session…

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