MetaCAugs: Why We Blog

MetaCAugs is an informal and international group experimenting with peer-based learning and production. We try out various tools and develop methods and patterns to enhance peer learning and peer production. You can read more about us on our wiki. Just know that we are, as one of our regular participants says, “a fluid group and always open to contribution”.

This blog is a space for the individual voices of the group. The social media scholar Howard Rheingold helped me understand the difference between blogs and forums. For him blogs allow each person to talk about whatever he or she individually wants to talk about. Forums – we have a Discourse forum – have a different function, they are more the voice of a group trying to achieve understanding. Rheingold explaining this in a blog post:

A forum, also known as a message board, bbs, or conferencing system, affords asynchronous, many-to-many, multimedia discussions for large groups of people over long periods of time from weeks to decades. 

I might add that messaging (think Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Mattermost… ) is in the context of our group more a place to signal new things. This is important to us since MetaCAugs is also a signal group using signals as building blocks for our foresight practice.

The last three links bring you to another kind of wiki, a ‘smallest federated wiki‘. It’s different from MediaWiki (the technology used by Wikipedia). It shows various columns right next to each other and allows for very easy forking and re-using of content. It’s an interesting instrument to develop various points of view on an issue, while MediaWiki tends toward a consensus view. In our group we experiment with both styles.

To conclude, I hope that our blog space here will allow the MetaCAugs participants to tell us more about their individual projects and opinions. I personally sure will do just that.

Roland Legrand